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The elder and exclusive Department of Financial Management (DFM) among private universities in Hsinchu area

The DFM was established in 1994. 。

Our outstanding alumni not only work for the major financial institutions in Taiwan but also form a rich professional network.


Design of professional divisions for career-orientated curriculums

(1) Program of Financial Information Management

(2) Program of Finance and Banking Management

(3) Program of Accounting and Taxation

The purpose of designing for curriculums can highlight the current professional tendencies in the field of finance. In addition, the differentials of curriculum possibly guide students in the DFM to clearly find their own career direction, it can also fit the development trend of finance, financial information, and accounting information. Similarity and Specialization. This is the specialty of this department.



Career-oriented learning styles that emphasize industry-academia internships

The DFM provides all kinds of internship opportunities from various financial-related institutions as well as in Hsinchu Science Park. Every student is qualified to apply the positions with alternative periods, including summer, full semester or full academic year. The full information of adequate guidance for workplace internships is offered from the DFM. Meanwhile, many full-time employment opportunities are available in Hsinchu area. These industry-academia internship experiences can increase employment competitiveness for students.



Financial Lecture

The DFM has honorably offered the course -   "Finance Lecture" since 2014. This course is sponsored by the Taiwan Financial Services Industry Federation, co-organized by the stock exchange and major financial associations, and is held for the implementing the "Financial Knowledge Popularization Program" promoted by the competent authority.

In this course, CEOs from various financial organizations are invited to give lectures on a weekly basis in the form of lectures. Therefore, students possibly grasp the updated highly-changing development in the world before graduation. Nevertheless, students can learn much more through the experiences of the speakers.


The DFM has an accreditation from AACSB

In August 2016, the College of Management (CM) in Chung Hua University officially gained the accreditation of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The CM in Chung Hua University is honorably reaccredited in February 2022.

The results of this accreditation show that the quality of business management education in Chung Hua University has been recognized nationwide and internationally.